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Cardinal’s Danielle Natonson Joins Discussion on Investing for Insurance Companies at CFA Society Event: Strategic Asset Allocation for Insurance Companies

Cardinal Investment Advisors is excited to announce that Danielle Natonson will be a featured panelist along with three other distinguished guests to discuss the opportunities and intricacies of investing for insurance companies. Danielle will be joined by Natalie Burkart of Allstate, Jill Phlegar of Nationwide Investments, and Stewart Foley of Insurance AUM.

Insurance Women’s Investment Network’s (IWIN) is partnering with the CFA Society Chicago and Insurance AUM Journal to host the event in downtown Chicago on July 25th. This event will bring together thought leaders from the Life and Property Insurance sector and the Casualty Insurance sector to discuss the challenges and strategies involved when making asset allocation decisions.

Approximately 100 other members of the insurance investment community will also be attending this exciting event. Join us by registering online to gain insights from industry leaders and broaden your professional network. We look forward to collaborating with other industry leaders next week in our home city.

Cardinal Investment Advisors is a 100% employee-owned, independent firm focused solely on institutional investment consulting. After 20 years, this remains their sole line of business. Cardinal’s mission is to serve institutional investors with unique liability streams by developing, implementing, and sustaining customized investment strategies that best enable their clients to fulfill their investment and operating goals in an independent and conflict-free manner.

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