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Cardinal’s Collaboration with the Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative

Cardinal’s Collaboration with the Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative

In 2021, Cardinal Investment Advisors joined the Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative (IIDC). Cardinal fully supports IIDC’s primary mission to promote greater diversity in the institutional asset management industry by advocating for access to data that would capture multiple dimensions of diversity.

IIDC believes that diversity in asset management matters. They believe that diverse investment in teams—and viewpoints—enhances investment decision-making. They also believe that having more women and minorities in asset management roles improves the conversation, opens opportunities for all, and benefits the community at large.

Cardinal Investment Advisors is a 100% employee-owned, independent firm focused solely on institutional investment consulting. After 20 years, this remains their sole line of business. Cardinal’s mission is to serve institutional investors with unique liability streams by developing, implementing, and sustaining customized investment strategies that best enable their clients to fulfill their investment and operating goals in an independent and conflict-free manner.

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