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Cardinal Investment Advisors Welcomes Employees Back to the Office

Cardinal Investment Advisors Welcomes Employees Back to the Office

By Carolyn Carollo, Managing Director, and Stephanie Hebron, Managing Director

Cardinal Investment Advisors is excited to welcome its colleagues back to work—in the office that is! 

Like every organization in early 2020, we reacted and adapted to a world navigating a global pandemic. We are grateful for an amazing group of teammates and supportive clients who offered flexibility and open-mindedness to get through challenging times. Despite the obstacles during this time, we were able to rebrand Cardinal and remodel our St. Louis office. It was a very busy two years!

New Office | Cardinal Investment Advisors

As the pandemic slowed and construction of our office wrapped up in January, we started planning to welcome our colleagues back to the office. We considered ways in which we could improve the Cardinal experience and continue to retain happy, talented, and passionate colleagues who help our clients achieve their missions.

First, we thought about the in-office experience in the new normal of both remote and in-office working. The renovated office includes updated video and audio capabilities, so everyone can feel a part of the team regardless of their physical location. We built collaboration areas—small, dedicated spaces for discussions and teamwork. The new color scheme is professional, yet has pops of color. And we can’t forget to mention the ping-pong area!

Ping Pong Table | Cardinal Investment Advisors

Next, we considered our out-of-office experience. Some colleagues missed being in the office every day. On the other hand, many appreciated the flexibility of working remotely and not having to fight the daily commute. To that end, we instituted a hybrid work schedule. This schedule offers the option to work remotely for a couple of days each week. We dedicated Mondays as core days to maintain our collaborative and collegial culture. These are days when everyone will be in the office for team meetings, collaborations, and of course, food.  

We hope that we have struck a good balance between our clients’ goals and our colleagues’ work experience. Gratefully, we have the advantage of being an independent, employee-owned firm. That ownership structure gives us the ability to make changes quickly. In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy working together as a team in the office.

Cardinal Investment Advisors is a 100% employee-owned, independent firm focused solely on institutional investment consulting. After 20 years, this remains their sole line of business. Cardinal’s mission is to serve institutional investors with unique liability streams by developing, implementing, and sustaining customized investment strategies that best enable their clients to fulfill their investment and operating goals in an independent and conflict-free manner.

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