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Carolyn Carollo | Cardinal Investment Advisors

Managing Director Carolyn Carollo featured on Restarting America podcast

Over the past year and a half, the spread of coronavirus has impacted many businesses, especially in larger cities where it has led many to temporarily close. While a large number of businesses have already reopened, the effects of COVID-19 will continue to be felt long after resuming activity.

Carolyn Carollo, a Managing Director at Cardinal Investment Advisors, was recently featured on the Restarting America podcast. In the podcast episode, Carollo discusses how the current health pandemic has affected Cardinal, a 100% employee-owned, independent firm focused solely on institutional investment consulting, and how they are continually adapting to new circumstances. 

One aspect that Carollo is striving to continue to implement during this time at Cardinal is good communication. Throughout the podcast, she shares about why communication went up during the pandemic and became even more of an integral part of Cardinal’s business practices. 

“Before the pandemic, if you’d talk to a client it was on the phone and then you would meet in person with them. We’d have longer conversations on Zoom, Webex, or Teams, and I think there was even more connection with the clients,” said Carollo. “They could call at any time because they knew you were sitting at your desk.”

97 Switch, a digital marketing agency based in Chicago, created Restarting America to talk about how business owners are handling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Carolyn Carollo, CIPM, Managing Director 

Carolyn Carollo is a managing director at Cardinal.

Cardinal Investment Advisors

Cardinal Investment Advisors is a 100% employee-owned, independent firm focused solely on institutional investment consulting. After 19 years, this remains their sole line of business. Cardinal’s mission is to serve institutional investors with unique liability streams by developing, implementing and sustaining customized investment strategies that best enable their clients to fulfill their investment and operating goals in an independent and conflict-free manner.

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